The officeless office is in sight, but not needed, says Epson

Paperless offices and electronic documents have been talked about for decades, but they are still widely printed. According to Rob Clark, director of the British branch of Epson, your printing is becoming so environmentally friendly that it doesn’t even matter.

With Epson Europe Editor Kazuyoshi Yamamoto and Epson UK Editor Rob Clark, we had a short meeting at the Hanoverian show during the CeBit trade fair. Since the digital office was one of the main topics of the fair, our first question had to laugh there.

Both pnovs sailed nicely, so we served their answers together.

Digital paperless office, shared document in the cloud, systems for collaboration on document creation, such een presents plca embed. What is the future of the press?
At the very beginning we can be convinced that the press will be with us for a long time. The paperless office has been talked about for about twenty years, but the interest in printing is not declining and printing is still a natural part of many work processes.


New office printer with ndrk system and print head on the entire A3 page.

Instead of replacing the press, we prefer to focus on reducing its environmental impact. At this year’s CeBit, we presented two products that were first created in accordance with this approach. The first is a new line of WorkForce Enterprise printers with a full-page, head-on-page printhead. Take a look at the image from the thermal imager and compare it with a laser printer. The energy savings compared to the type of printers was 96 percent. Compared to comparable office laser machines, it is also a technically less complicated machine, thanks to the ink cartridges there is also minimal waste from consumables.

The second product is the first generation called PaperLab (more in the article For the first time in Europe: PaperLab changes the old ray to a new one in 3 minutes). Printing on a pepper will not necessarily mean a tree, you will be able to recycle the old pepper directly in your office. This is a clear ecological benefit – you don’t have to print this process just for you to check, because you can still re-link in a few minutes.

There is a lot of talk about personal data protection and this is another thing that PaperLab e. Grinding on a flat fiber is so fine that any reconstruction of the information from the original paper is completely ruled out. This is an interesting feature of example for banks, hospitals or vldn institutions.

Do digitization and cloud packs really not affect the volume of print days, or can trends be traced?
There are two views. In terms of sweat of printed pages, the printing trend is slightly decreasing – people print fewer pages. Mn is the character of what they print. Today, they are often documents with rich graphics, pictures or photographs. In terms of the volume of ink used, the trend is reversing, but still growing quite significantly.

In what areas do you estimate that printing will disappear first?
Documents for archiving will be printed for me. For the document archive, we assume that they will be gradually transferred to the digital domain, there makes two senses. Accordingly, the process documents you need for processing current agendas, corrections, approval processes will be printed. And thanks to the paper lab, I won’t even have to bt lto paper.


A3 print head.

There is speculation on the Internet that the ink system is used for different systems, the ink is used, and the subsequent printing changes the service life. What is the truth?
The ink is exactly the same as in the cartridges, so it’s really just speculation.

There are projectors for Epson. Don’t you really have a 4K projector in your menu? Won’t the train go against the competition? (Epson offers a 4K projector, but your image with the help of moving Full HD elements with a pixel-shift system. – editor’s note)
Let’s always release the product on the market and in the moment when we are convinced that it is as it should be and the market is ready for it. Let’s not compromise a product on the market just to have it on the market soon. In addition, we are convinced that it is not time for 4K projectors to go, and only because there is not much content for them. We prefer to focus on high light output, for example. But 4K is coming.

All TVs today are smart, don’t you want projectors with smart features?
The string answers: no. We do not want to take this path. Most of our home theater projectors become a set of high-end installations in which it is somehow overheated or streamer. It would therefore be necessary to integrate these functions into the projector, especially when these are subject to rapid development. So let’s focus on the spade image and related equipment, not on the surrounding fun.

editel Epson Europe, Kazuyoshi Yamamoto a editel Epson UK, Rob Clark.

The price of a TV with large terminals around 65 ″ has dropped to a very affordable level, does it affect the projector market in any way?
We don’t notice it. The most frequent size of the projection area is 100 ″ (2.54 meters – editor’s note) and TVs are not available in these sizes.

We tested the first smart Moverio glasses three years ago, the last generation last year. Stle bag outside build up are practically not visible. Naly apply it somewhere?
Among the cities where the general public will be able to meet them, we can name museums. In most of them, their implementation is yet to take place, they are complex and financially installed and we are divided, but we should name you the Ferrari Museum in Moden. As a result, the bag will look like a visitor in the glasses will see additional information about the exhibit, including various multimedia accessories. A project with subtitles is in operation in Hungary. Divk in cinema or theater, you can choose subtitles from ir menu language.

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