The water in the edible packaging is not a PET bottle, but fun. And the author published

The British start-up is trying to sell its water case in a package from the company. There is more of your product than it is, but it does not mean that it cannot succeed. So far, small investors have decided.

Getting money from many customers via the Internet, the so-called community funding, is a disciplinary discipline. Even great nonsense succeeds in it, only when it comes to interest: it is ideal to drink with it, it is impressive and easy to understand. And don’t go without saying, when you promise that the news will change the world, it wouldn’t be true.

A practical example of how to do it was demonstrated by the start-up Skipping Rock Lab (skipping rock is English abka in the sense of a stone jumping on the surface). Saw with waste bottled water called Ooho !. As you can see in the video, they are small balls in an edible package, which can be swallowed whole, and thanks to that, the company has collected about 836 thousand pounds, ie 26.4 million crowns, on the CrowdCube server.

Ooho! (Twitter)@OohoWater
April 13, 2017 at 9:39 am, pspvek archivovn: April 26, 2017 at 12:47 am

Thank you so much to all our supporters. Over $1m raised and 1000 investors in 3 days! Now the real work begins…to #makepackagingdisappear

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The case is based only on the use of well-known procedures for new elution and, of course, the development of a suitable technical unit (ie the procedure for packaging water). The coating layer is stretched onto ice balls, which are then easily thawed. It is made of time (the term algint is used for it, from the Latin word for time), which is used in the food industry as a stabilizer and eluting you in ice cream. By the way, this means that there are ways to color the packaging, flavor it, etc. (This of course also applies to water coating).

Only a small amount of plastic bottles will probably serve as a substitute for plastic bottles, but this does not mean, of course, that Skipping Rock Lab would not be able to use the product. It can be offered to you for sports events, concerts and similar events, where waste can be a real problem.

But the most common packaging, ie PET bottle, does not replace. Due to the fact that algint is relatively low resistance and, for example, in the purchase it would most likely tear. Therefore, the water packaged in this way can be wasted: in most cases, the algint would have to be protected by a durable layer, which would protect the food packaging not only from damage, but of course also from closing.

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