Vt electronics is not allowed on board some flights to Britain and the USA

The United States issued a warrant for the transport of wind electronics on board aircraft from some of the Blzk entrance flights. Rule salary for pm flights to the US. Great Britain was added.

Laptops, tablets and other electronics in the mobile phone can be in checked baggage. Passengers only have a mobile phone and medical equipment on board. The reason is an unspecified terrorist threat. The bomb can be hidden in different types of devices, depending on the organs. Examples of forbidden devices were later: laptops, tablets, e-book streams, cameras, portable DVD players, gaming devices on the phone, and portable printers and scanners.

In the afternoon, the United Kingdom (UK) also had a similar request for airlines. According to the BBC, it also restricts large mobile phones. It is not clear from what size, it is also possible that it will be a special requirement for a tablet with a GSM module, which would meet the American requirements. He is the first to coordinate with the United States.

Pondln rule a new salary for airlines on pmch flights from some flights to the US or via Canada. According to the AP agency, it should be about ten years flying in eight countries of the Middle East and North Africa.

Britain has banned electronics on board flights from six countries. These are all pm flights from Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Sadsk Arbie.

The victim of Great Britain covers both English and foreign airlines

The new US report was circulated on Monday via e-mail as a doorstep from the US Transportation Safety Administration (TSA). During this, it was officially notified by the US Department of Homeland Security.

As the announcement was not originally published, there is speculation about the number of airlines that sent it. Estimates ranged between 9 and 13 airlines flying from Blzkho entrance. The receipt of such a request has so far been confirmed by Jordan Airlines and Saudi Arabia’s Saudia Airlines, but companies such as Emirates, Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways and others should also be involved.

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Interestingly, according to Fortune, this rule should not apply to the US airline.

It was later specified that the requirement applied to nine airlines. Denn will be affected by passars for about 50 years.

The United States gave the airline three days to implement the new rules.

Electronics control

Her salary travel with electronics on board aircraft is now limited. For example, you also encountered the fact that you had to switch on your devices to prove that they work. The first devices can cause a lot of codes, not just mobile phones, if they are just a box for the cell.

As one of the former leaders of the TSA states for the Wired server, the location of all laptops, cameras, cameras and others in the luggage compartment is safe in terms of the potential explosion of the bomb. On the one hand, there are suitcases around and not people, so this space is strengthened. Even a laptop with an envelope should not destroy the plane so that it disintegrates.

Not all measures are covered by the terrorist threat. An example is the limited transport of spare batteries in checked baggage. The first new rule is to prevent pores in the luggage compartment from starting below, potentially igniting the Li-ion battery.

Updated: We have added information about the British devastation.

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