We tried: AR glasses move ltn with a drone to a new dimension


Through the glasses view, you can see your whole surroundings and at the same time collect the cameras of the flight drone and all the necessary telemetry data. The Epson Moverio BT-300 reality glasses are a great accessory for drone pilots. Have a bag with limits.

We don’t have to introduce Epson Moverio in more detail to this Technet Augmented Reality. We tested the previous model BT-200 in detail in 2014, this year in the burrow we also presented its successor BT-300 in a report from Mobile World Congress 2016.

We were now able to try the first ones exclusively in a role that the manufacturer considers ideal – as a drone accessory. Epson is working with DJI, we also drank Dron DJI Phantom 3 Advanced, installed the DJI GO application and invited cameraman Milan Nosk, who has been using it with drones for many years and professionally using it to test and evaluate the combination.

Pro AR brle ke drone?

While with virtual reality goggles and classic video goggles (which are sometimes used with drones) you can only see the electronically displayed image (for example, video input from a drone camera), with transparent glasses for born reality you can see both your real surroundings and that electronically displayed image . You never have to lose sight of the drone (what the Czech legislation requires) and you can move without fear of bumping into it.

Epson Moverio BT-300
Epson Moverio BT-300

Brle Moverio drew the image on the optics just hidden in the glass using a miniature projector with a Si-OLED display. They have a 0.43 h depth and a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. While in the previous model with an LCD display, the area was always visible in the glasses, the high-contrast OLED display allows you to project infographics into the real image without any obvious background – the view outside is practically clear.


Contrast difference when using LCD (BT-200) and Si-OLED (BT-300) displays. (visualization: Epson)

Unlike the previous model, the darkening covers, contrast and brightness of the image in the glasses are available in all lighting conditions – on the contrary, when the day was dark and dark, I brightened the brightness sharply, otherwise I started to tear. Only count on the absence of covers when you would like to watch a movie on your glasses – then you really don’t need a view of the world around you.

How it was flown

Commissioning is simple – connect the drone driver with a USB cable to the br / v / v control unit and start the DJI GO application. Its installation was a bit complicated by the fact that it is not in the Moverio store (the glasses have the Android OS, but do not have access to Google Play), so we waited for the installation of the .apk file from the manufacturer.


Screenshot of DJI GO application in Epson Moverio glasses.

Then u is in a few seconds. In the image, you can see the environment of the application with operating and telemetry data and thus the image directly from the drone camera. You can call up all the necessary setting menu of the drone, in which you control the movement of the glasses by moving your finger on the touch pad. For users accustomed to the touch screen, moving the cursor after the application with the help of the thumb movement on the control is a bit tedious and less comfortable, however, for pedlet settings it is sufficient. It’s a flight.

With spectacle glasses, it is very easy to see the drone, the image from his camera, all the data in the application, as well as his surroundings, his first impressions were described by cameraman Milan Nosek. The picture is perfectly contrasting, clear, sharp, there is nothing to complain about, he did not read Nosek for a while.

But for me, the words go to the crowd in a moment when he doesn’t just want to fly, but so to shoot and take photos.

In professional production, I used to shoot in a small mode and I could change the aperture and set the parameters – I can’t rely on automation. While all these parameters are easy to control on the tablet display, with the touch screen of the controller it is tedious and clumsy, adds the cameraman. code that the glasses do not have an HDMI input to which I would connect the input from the drone driver and leave the control on a classic touch tablet, that would be a good combination. I also tried wireless transfer of the image from the iPhone, which I sometimes use to check the drone, but the transfer was unstable, the application fell, adds Nosek.

Take a picture of pr

It is not easy to take a picture of the view with Moverio glasses, but perhaps this picture is enough for a basic idea. The screen shows a screen with a selection of applications.

If you use a drone as a camera carrier for professional knowledge, glasses are not a good choice. But if the cell itself is lnn with a drone and the weapons are only placed on the Facebook or YouTube channel, then the vista glasses are great.

The latest criticism is ergonomic. If the two companies work together, they could also supply some drunk, which I would connect the controller to the drone controller. This way I never knew where to go with nm and tended to fall on me. It is possible to improvise you with an elastic band, but I do not consider it a decent one, conclude my evaluation Milan Nosek.

Rozen realita na svj boom teprve ek

Moverio BT-300 are not a classic consumer electronics product that you buy at Christmas under the tree. Epson offers it as a hardware system for some complex use in companies – glasses are used, for example, in healthcare or men. And still it presents it as a consumer product for home users.

Individuals should address the glasses first as an accessory to the drone. The response to this strategy was somewhat obscured by the applied business, and its offer has not expanded dramatically since the test two years ago. In addition, it still works just as slowly. In the light of the previous paragraph, however, this should not be a complication – the custom software of specific components is always installed differently than through a general and publicly available store.

But that could change in the future. Just as virtual reality has long sought a place in the sun (and yet it is uncertain how much it has found), the real reality is still in its boom. In the form of Moverio BT-300 it has very sunny hardware, especially the display is perfect.

Epson Moverio BT-300

Compared to the previous model, the inclusive and graphic performance has increased, the Intel Atom x5 processor clocked at 1.44 GHz is not an easy answer. The camera has also improved significantly since the previous model, but still only has a fixed focus, it also works more as a sensor for further processing (for example, visually anchoring virtual elements to the real environment) than as an image source (not as an electronic magnifying glass). It lasts about five hours on the battery.


If you are a talented drone pilot and want to bring the flight experience to perfection, then the Epson Moverio visor glasses are a very interesting accessory for the born reality. If you use a drone as a production tool for video recording and photography, then unfortunately it is not common.

The BT-300 should be on sale during December 2016, at a price of about 22,990 K.

We thank the company Pelikn Daniel / Drona.cz for using the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced drone. For the sake of curiosity, the first with this connected drone in June this year, the Czech photographer Petr Jan Juraka set a world record in flight and shot a commercial production drone at high altitude more on K2 – the drone flew for three minutes in deep frost in more than 6 100 meters above mine.

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