We went with a mazaka of revenge, where the trams went as punishment

A special tram, a special track and an expert to take the floor, this is a cocktail that should not leave anyone who is at least a little interested in trams and their history.

even in the video transmission it is over, now we are preparing an announcement for the whole ride for you, the whole thanks of Mr. Fojtek will be supplemented by both the announcement from the camera of the mazaks and the weapons from the tram cab. The announcement will probably be available on Wednesday morning.

On the 14th of March, the Mazaka tram set off to browse the history of the traffic crack. Pavel Fojtk, an expert on the history of crack transport and head of the DPP archive, will comment.

At the end of this week, let’s celebrate the 121st year of the opening of the Prague Libe Vysoany line, which is why we set out on the hundreds of this line. But it’s not the only vro trams that fall on the run. At the arrest of the ordinary in 1875, the building permit for the construction of the first conspiracy was obtained in Prague, and we remembered that as well.

Pavel Voit

Pavel Fojtk ped tram tram

The whole journey began after a few small technical trips to Florence, from where we went to Balabenka. First of all, there is the oldest non-operated tram line, where there is also the original line for a busy tram. In the eskomoravsk street we remembered the legendary mnrna-transformer station called the people of Trafak.

The route led to Palmovka and Libesk bridge to the Holeovice ndra. The first road behind the Libes Bridge was marked as a criminal offense more than a hundred years ago. Here, the personnel often sent for punishment.

We made a plant on the first table of trams at the Vstavit in Prague. Nae dal road led the dog Strossmayerovo nmst, Letná and to the depot Steovice.

Pavel Fojtk provided insights into the history of traffic and infrastructure cracks all the way. You could watch in a special on-line report, where, in addition to live video, the current position of the tram eraser on the map was also available, as well as text information and image times. We are preparing a sign from on-line, so whoever did not make the pm transfer, will not lose the transfer.

Who will want to watch the movement of the mazaks as well as when driving on the classic route, there is nothing easy, not to play Slow TV on Playtvak.cz.

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