When flying in Prague, the A320 lands, and its engine starts. Try here in


The Canadian simulator of 40 pots can simulate traffic in 3D in any weather conditions in different years of the world. Users can also try crisis situations from resistance to terrorist flow.

On runway 06/24 Let Vclav Havla fly in the direction of the sunny R7 Airbus A320 expressway. Mole after landing, his lion engine stopped. dc na vi m prci. Quick commands, after a while on the runway enter the fire, they manage to extinguish two, do not get on the plane, the other planes are informative and still in safe distance. dc will rest, he managed his bike to the right.

Welcome to one of the best 3D flight simulators in the world. They have it in the Czech Air Traffic Round in the crack of Ruzyně.

Very on your lap

Everything is real in the simulator. In a room without windows measuring about ten times ten meters, we see in a circle a spaced table and two steps exactly as in reality, only a hundred meters away. Thus, all systems are the same as in ivm operation on vi. The same hardware, the same software, only the data on the positions of the aircraft and the last time you sent here according to the selected parameters.


Petr Dvok is the administrator of the 3D outdoor simulator for training outdoor air traffic in the Ruzyně flood.

Fascinating is the virtual panoramic 360 views of the area to fly and pistachio and taxiways. See exactly what you see in Ruzyně, to the administrator of the simulator Petr Dvok, when he introduces us to the room. The windows in the project area represent the floor-to-ceiling area and around the main room of the simulator.

At the welcome nm, the simulator demonstrates the start of the A380 Emirates (including a very realistic sound), shortly afterwards the situation described above occurs. While the fire extinguisher and rescue are the A320, the machine has flown over to fly, and because no one is currently there (we got a bet with a simulator for hours only), accumulating on a taxiway like Cimrman’s miners in the mine. Sorry, the sand with a laugh Petr Dvok to the dcmu counter and put in the horseshoe. Every excursion here, flying in a fire and a pile of crashed planes, laughs.

Primr is a simulator designed for them to train dc or future dc for Prague, but also the ability to fly, he explains. Both the future part of the flight operation (s) and its active part are being trained here. Once a year, everyone has to go through a striking practice, as a guide. At the same time, simulate all possible situations that may occur during air traffic. Emergencies, heavy traffic, poor visibility, por, even terrorist flows.

The daughter must be prepared for everything, and because many situations do not take place in their active service, he must undergo a striking training once a year, to Petr Dvok and for our amusement he will turn on the storm. The sky blows on the desktop in front of a virtual 360 window to throw lightning bolts and thunder and whip the streaks of children. Or do you prefer fog? nadhod Petr Dvok enická otzku and answer by choosing pslunho mdu. The lightning disappears and we don’t see anything with the rust, only a thick silk around.

By the way, the rose to fly is one of the world’s international to fly, but you can even go under such conditions. It has this guidance system, it only washes two unthinkable safety pistons with a plane full of passengers with zero visibility.

Who will let your plane take off

At vi, and logically also here on the simulator, the operation is provided by two dcch plus one as a task and supervision.


Training of external flight operations in the crack of Ruzyně on a 3D simulator.

And so five flights for a business trip or on vacation, you can imagine that while vs flight of bicycles, how to turn on the dogs and what to do, if the plane intends to shoot elsewhere than to fly, the crew is communicating with his daughters to fly, first of all. odltte.

So you hear that your plane started the engines, the pilots had to get permission to do so. Two so-called Clearance Delivery Dispatcher (CDD), ie a hunter who sits on the vi on the first hand on the right. With regard to the anticipated departure of the aircraft according to the flight schedule, two aircraft flights and thus allowed to start the engine.

After the engine CDD (called Delivery) was thrown in front of the plane to work Ground (Ground Executive Controller GEC), ie ground dcmu. This allows the aircraft taxiways and the so-called flowering city, where the aircraft is allowed to enter the runway and runway (runway, or runway) and takeoff.

In the blossoming ground, the ground in front of the machine is driven by a twin (Tower Executive Controller TEC). He is in charge of flying the area of ​​runways and aircraft in the air in the immediate vicinity, the so-called Zen district (Control zone CTR). His first instruction is to prevent some passengers and others from being able to do that exciting push into their seats, when the captains are full of gas and you know that the road will not go back, because in a few seconds you will rise into the air for further adventures with nzvem Flight through the body of dark air…

In the same order, only in the opposite guard, after a few minutes and hours of flight, your plane will be able to fly for you to fly, safely and quickly transport our crew. (It should be noted that on some smaller letitch or in case of low traffic there may be a number of dc on the vi and men.)

In order to always be safe and especially safe, the HV must be perfectly prepared. And from that there is the Aviation Wheels LP. Applicants for a job first complete two years of study first on the Air Bike, and when they start a series of hours on a 3D simulator – complete it, repeat the exercise on the simulator once a year. Practice all her changing positions here and in addition to them also work as a so-called assistant (Tower Planning Controller TPC). Its main wheel is to coordinate, if necessary to communicate with neighboring sectors, the fire brigade, in charge of cars on the desktop, birds, etc. It is up to you to ride with them five hunter supervisor (Senior Contoller SC). So help to help and help in case of need.

All vn dc have the same qualification Approach / Tower (APP / TWR Prague), they also hold positions on vi. They serve not only directly at the site, but also in the national integrated center of air traffic in Jeni near Prague (IATCC) in the position Approach (APP), where they are in charge of aircraft from take-off from the area (ACC) until the moment they take over vi (TWR) about it again.

3D simulator for 30 million

The 3D TWR simulator was built in Prague by the Canadian company Adacel, which belongs to the worlds of fodder in the field. Price? So the peak – over 30 million crowns, with the sweaty additional integration of the system almost doubled.

The high-voltage 3D simulator has integrated IV systems from different systems and other systems, they also have exactly what is available in real operation of radar, ground radar, information about the current weather, control of lights on the fly, flight strips (so-called strips). and of course a system for voice communication with pilots and coordination. This is necessary for training. There is a standard native display, which is used for chamber exercises, describes Petr Dvok. They can simulate anything here. Day, night, sunny, boui, snowstorm, fog. Always according to the phase of the training in which the participants are first.

When communicating in real operation, communicate with the pilots. Training on a 3D simulator must be realistic in this direction as well. The so-called pseudo-pilots are used for communication via dcm. These are the people who sit next to the room, communicate with their daughters and control the planes. Usually they are not real pilots, but you do not meet students in the position of dc air traffic. Also master the phraseology and can work in the Air Force, in another position than the one you dreamed of, explains Dvok.

In Central and Eastern Europe, the crack of an airplane is one of the few that has such a device at its disposal. Similar simulators have, for example, in Germany, Switzerland or Austria. We can prepare for training and new strangers to fly. We are therefore relatively unrivaled in flexibility, adds Dvok.

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