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The Czech Aviation Training Center (CATC) training center introduced the latest L410 aircraft simulator, which falls into the highest category of flight simulators. The operation started in April, and Technet was there.

The L410 simulator belongs to the highest category of flight simulators, the so-called Level D. Loaded with technical parameters, it is now met by international requirements that will be placed on these simulators from 2019 at the earliest and is the only such modern L410 simulator in the world.

Thanks to what we have implemented here, the L410 has gone back to side with transport aircraft such as ATR, Boeing, Airbus and the like, to Marek Vina, a CATC trainer. Training in this type of toti has so far taken place according to the program from the 70s.

What a bastard

We also tried the training of the training on the new simulator on our own. In the cockpit of the pair of newspapers, the pair of instructors – Captain Ji Pskat, instructor of L410 training and former test pilot in Kunovice Ji Neubauer, who also decided on the required flight simulation – fly, weather, faults and the like.

finstruktor ns gradually settles on the captain’s seat, let him choose to fly and let’s start. When moving, the simulator slightly rattles on the runway, the overall impression is really realistic and the hunter would quickly forget that he is not sitting in a real plane, but only in a hydraulically controlled bubble on a few legs.

Instructor Ji

Instructor Ji Neubauer

In the air, the plane is then shifted, it responds quickly and accurately to the movements of the dic pka. Try an arrest, Ji Pskat instructs me. I wonder rather boldly how big the inclination of the thistle can withstand.

To myslte vn?

I mean it. So let’s try it. Go a little on board… and then the full deviation of the kidlek to the right. The plane revolves around the axis and behind the windows it is promtan light. First, we made a twist with a transport plane for 19 people. And it would also withstand the plane, says Pskat.

The training continues with a rough, flying pistol on the Frankfurt brazen, another takeoff and a pistol. There are also complications – engine shutdown. Let’s face it. Then the instructors enter the simulator switch to change the position up and suddenly we find ourselves from the runway in the air, we just have to pull the chassis and flaps.

Then we’ll go change the kicks

One of the quiet

One of the quiet moments of the simulated flight…

This is the captain’s seat of a colleague. His proposals are to go from mine to mine: gradually try not only the twist, but also the five. The cockpit raises alarms, one dog species. Finally, Ji Pskat shows the plane of the plane into the borehole and selects it. Then we go to exchange the logs, again amused by South Neubauer.

And first it’s the biggest load of the simulator. He wasn’t used to a situation like this, no one would dare rehearse on a real plane.

Two years of work


The new L410 aircraft simulator in the cracked CATC training center looks like a cabin on several nights. It is the only one of its kind in the world.

The simulator was officially put into operation on 31 May 2017. In the second half of the year, the ordinary received the necessary certification from the Czech Civil Aviation Authority, and the first pilots immediately started to call on it. SPN certification and the subsequent start of operations were the culmination of a two-year process.

The first contracts were signed in 2015, followed by the compilation of the simulator development program, the collection of flight data on the L410 factory (Aircraft Industries, two Let Kunovice) according to the back of the simulator manufacturer, the Canadian company CAE. Then you had to process the flight model and make the simulator itself. The system was installed in November 2016, but it could not be put into operation immediately. First it had to be completely operational, thoroughly tuned and tested.

The manufacturer from Kunovice also took part in the development

The aircraft manufacturer fitted one of its three-hundred-piece mic equipment, and according to the scene set by the simulator manufacturer, flight names were performed, from which flight data was obtained, which was then incorporated into the flight model, explains Vladimir Ostrovsk, CATC CFO.

The simulator, which corresponds to the cockpit of the L410 aircraft in the UVP-E20 version, will also be able to upgrade the insights to the new L410 NG. The new generation of the aircraft is currently being tested in Kunovice, and as soon as the machine receives certification, the aircraft will be operated. Then basically my simulator will switch between the classic and the new L410.

The unique equipment cost around 180 million K. CATC had to fill its pocket and take one hundred and ten million dollars, but the fact that the investment would not return, was not unlikely. They used these types on the market and those interested in training at hls. Currently, the world has around 350 600 and the number of active pilots is estimated by CATC at 1,400.

CATC both handles the orders itself and cooperates with the Kunovice manufacturer of three hundred boards. Aircraft Industries will thus offer training to airlines that will buy new aircraft. This is the standard for the delivery of a new aircraft, explains Marek Jechumtl, CATC’s sales director.

CATC compiled a complete program


L410 simulator cockpit interior. It’s like sitting in a real plane. Even flying behind the windows looks very real.

In addition to building a simulator, CATC ensured the complete assembly of a new type training on the L410. So far, the training was about working somewhere on the classroom, then on a model, where the stakes were moving, and then what was necessary on the plane, explains Marek Vina.

So we had to build a new training program from scratch. These are all the manuals, manuals, procedures, checklists… It is several thousand pages of documentation. Of course, it all had to go through the approval, and I’m proud that it passed without a single reminder for the first time, he adds.

Basic types of training (without base training – flying on a real plane) will cost 12,000 euros (approx. 348 thousand crowns). Its part is a two-day theoretical training both in CATC classes and through an online course (CBT). The pot follows the list with the cockpit and 32 hours on the simulator. These are divided into eight lessons after those hours. Before and after the lessons, the pilots undergo a briefing and debriefing, while preparing for the training with the instructor and then the values. The training ends with an exam, base training and then the qualification is entered in the pilot’s license.

Eat from celho svta

The CATC bag on its simulators provides not only types of exercises, but also repetitive and renewal exercises. These pilots go through once every 6 months. So far, the biggest interest in them is from abroad. I’m interested in pilots who need to hit or renew their qualifications. These include Nepl, Indons, Congo, Burma, South Africa and Mauritius, explains Marek Jechumtl.

Especially for African companies, the opportunity to train in a state-of-the-art simulator is a great step forward. While until now, pilots often roamed just behind a simple panel with levers and a TV screen and sweat on a live aircraft, the simulator is able to practice situations that, for safety reasons, for short reasons can not be trained, for example, engine shutdown during takeoff.

Pilot training is provided by experienced instructors, CATC employees. Not everyone is here, however, mainly for work. You also have to fly, because the instructor who doesn’t fly is not in ours, and the first instructor explains the Vina training, which he is allowed to fly on B737 aircraft.

The simulator goes, just like the other equipment in CATC, to basically not smear, only with quarter-hour growings for regular gossip. The operation of all CATC simulators is taken care of by a technician. The training lessons are full so that only one simulator can go through the gossip at a time.

The cockpit of the simulator accurately answers the cockpit of the aircraft, the only difference is the place for the instructor, who chooses to fly, weather, malfunctions and gave influences that can complicate the life of the pilot.

Pilots in training bag don’t just fight with technique and poasm. Recently, a pilot came out of the simulator and said: This is how the captain knew me, describes the CATC speech of Petr Biach, who took us along the B gang, where CATC shared.

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